A New Release Candidate for ISIS 7.0.0 is Now Available (RC 2)

How to install or update to <7.0.0_RC2>

There is a new release candidate available for ISIS (version: 7.0.0_RC2). It is available under the Anaconda package name isis , and can be installed using:

conda install -c usgs-astrogeology/label/RC isis=7.0.0_RC2 

Full installation instructions for ISIS can be found in the README on our github page .

Note for ISIS 7.0.0, you do not need to set the Python version when you create your Anaconda environment. Instead of

conda create -n isis python=3.6

you can run

conda create -n isis

How to get access to 7.0.0_RC2 at the ASC

The new process proposed in the internal RFC is now in full effect. Please review the process of using anaconda environments to activate isis here.

Run the command: conda activate isis7.0.0-RC2 to use this newest version of ISIS within the ASC.

Changes for <7.0.0_RC2>

Changes in bold will become available when the 7.0.0 documentation is released with the full release.



  • Added new documentation for contributing code. #4859 #4871
  • Added versioning to website documentation. #4852 #4872


  • Fixed qview crashing when attempting to load image DNs. #4818
  • Fixed qnet crashing when entering an invalid image name in the measure selection box. #4581
  • Modified cnetcheck noLatLonCheck logic to correctly exclude ignored measures. #4649
  • Fixed bug where the original label was not attached to stereo HRSC images on import #4816


There are some important considerations to keep in mind when using this release candidate:

  • Do not use this version for production work. A stable isis7.0.0 release will be uploaded after two weeks.
  • The ISIS online documentation will not be updated until the stable release is announced.

The following operating systems are supported for this release:

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • macOS Big Sur 11.6

(Other Linux/macOS variants may be able to run this release, but are not officially supported.)

If you find a problem with this release, please create an issue on our github issues page