A Release Candidate for ISIS 7.0.0 is Now Available (RC 1)

How to install or update to <7.0.0_RC1>

There is a new release candidate available for ISIS (version: 7.0.0_RC1). It is available under the Anaconda package name isis , and can be installed using:

conda install -c usgs-astrogeology/label/RC isis=7.0.0_RC1 

Full installation instructions for ISIS can be found in the README on our github page .

How to get access to 7.0.0_RC1 at the ASC

The new process proposed in the internal RFC is now in full effect. Please review the process of using anaconda environments to activate isis here.

Run the command: conda activate isis7.0.0-RC1 to use this newest version of ISIS within the ASC.

Changes for <7.0.0_RC1>


  • Disabled SURF algorithm for findfeatures, latest version of opencv no longer provides SURF as part of the base library #3885
  • Changed caminfo’s parameter default values for MAXEMISSION and MAXINCIDENCE to be
    synchronized with footprintinit default values of the same parameters.
    This corrects inconsistencies of footprint generation failing in caminfo
    but passing in footprintinit. #4651.


  • Added the USECAMSTATSTBL option to caminfo. This allows caminfo to extract existing
    camera statistics from the CameraStatistics Table of the input cube instead
    of recalculating CameraStatistics. Updated caminfo to output all CameraStatistics
    Keywords when running CAMSTATS. #3605.
  • Added the ability to search filenames in measure’s drop down boxes in Qnet Point Editor. #4581
  • Added slope, local normal, and ellipsoid normal calculations to phocube. #3635
  • Added additional translation files for TGO CaSSiS in order to support PSA compliant labels. #4567
  • Added support for KaguyaTC SP Support data ingest. #4668
  • Added examples to the jigsaw documentation. #4718
  • Added ALLDNS option to phocube. #3877
  • Added import templates for isisimport, Cassini ISS, Cassini Vims, Kaguya TC Kaguya MI, Dawn FC, Dawn VIR, LROC NAC, LO HRC, MGS MOC, MER MI, MRO CTX, Rosetta Osiris, Viking VIS #4606
  • Added export templates for isisexport, LROC NAC EDR #4606
  • Added optional JSON data output parameter, DATA, for debugging template engine failures #4606


  • Deprecated edrget as discussed in #3313.


  • Fixed Maptrim failures when mode=both for PositiveWest longitude direction. #4646
  • Fixed the Vesta target name not being translated properly in dawnfc2isis. #4638
  • Fixed a bug where the measure residuals reported in the bundleout.txt file were incorrect. #4655
  • Fixed a bug where jigsaw would raise an error when solving for framing camera pointing in observation mode. #4686
  • Fixed slow runs of automos when the priority was BAND. #4793


There are some important considerations to keep in mind when using this release candidate:

  • Do not use this version for production work. A stable isis7.0.0 release will be uploaded after a month.
  • The ISIS online documentation will not be updated until the stable release is announced.

The following operating systems are supported for this release:

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • macOS Big Sur 11.6

(Other Linux/macOS variants may be able to run this release, but are not officially supported.)

If you find a problem with this release, please create an issue on our github issues page

Should I expect to see changes to online documentation for programs with new parameters (phocube), functionality (qnet) or updated documentation (jigsaw)?

I am trying to access documentation via program gui’s using Help, About this program which takes a user to what appears to be our online docs, but not specific to a release. For example, this is where the phobcube link takes me to: USGS: ISIS phocube Application Documentation

Should updates be available now or do they go live only during full public releases? Thanks.

Tab completion via command line usage is not working locally.
More specifically, it doesn’t work for new parameters - caminfo tab completion works for everything but usecamstatstbl, same with phobube and alldns.

@ssides, please let me know if a new post needs to be opened for this issue. Not certain. Thanks!