A Release Candidate for ISIS 7.2.0 is Now Available (RC 1)

How to install or update to 7.2.0_RC1

Installation instructions of ISIS can be found in the README on our github page .

If you already have a version of ISIS 4.0.0 or later installed in an anaconda environment, you can update to 7.2.0_RC1 by activating your existing isis conda environment and running conda update isis .

How to get access to 7.2.0_RC1 at the ASC

The new process proposed in the internal RFC is now in full effect. Please review the process of using anaconda environments to activate isis here.

Once a version of conda is active, run the command: conda activate isis7.2.0_RC1 to use this newest version of ISIS.

Changes for 7.2.0_RC1


  • Updated Hayabusa2 mission name and updated translation files to make L2DShapeModelFileName, L2DPhaseFunctionFileName, L2CShapeModelFileName, and BandRegistration optional keywords.


  • Added LatLonGrid Tool to Qview to view latitude and longitude lines if camera model information is present.


  • Fixed some wrong parameter types #4780
  • Added mapping group to track cube via processmosaic #4810
  • Fixed bugs in downloadIsisData script #5024
  • Fixed shadow shifting image by 2 pixels to the upper left corner. #5035
  • Fixed compiler warnings on ubuntu #4911
  • Fixes embree shape models not being from .BDS extension files 5064
  • Fixed failing shapemodel parameters when bullet was the preferred ray tracing engine but could not be created. #5062
  • Fixed version for Qt to prevent depreciations. #5070


The following operating systems are supported for this release:

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • macOS Mohave 11.6

(Other Linux/macOS variants may be able to run this release, but are not officially supported.)

If you find a problem with this release, please create an issue on our github issues page

There are some important considerations to keep in mind when using this release candidate:

  • Do not use this version for production work. A stable isis 7.2.0_RC1 release will be uploaded after a month.
  • The ISIS online documentation will not be updated until the stable release is announced.

Is ISIS 7.2 it compatible with Ubuntu 22.04 ?

Hi @acpaquette

I’m having some problems under the new version that I will post to git (unless you would rather have them here). I’m still looking into it, but it could be a data area issue because I’m getting spice failures under 7.2.0-RC1 as well as 7.1.0. The latter is odd/new because the image I was testing was originally processed under 7.1.0 without any spice errors. Something isn’t quite right and I need to look at other data/programs before I can post something more concrete.

edited to remove comment about tab completion not working - seems ok, might have been a windowing problem because it initially didn’t work as expected. I am having some new spiceinit issues that I will post to github.

update: I’ve added the following post to git Spiceinit fails for MEX SRC · Issue #5123 · USGS-Astrogeology/ISIS3 · GitHub
I think this is a data area problem.