Adding SPICE data to Galileo SSI images of Europa


My name is Caroline, and I am an undergraduate student trying to create DEMs of Europa from Galileo SSI images using Ames Stereo Pipeline and ISIS. I have run into some errors in processing the images with ISIS to use for ASP.

I was able to use gllssi2isis to convert the images to the .cub format, but have been unable to add the SPICE data to the .cub files using spiceinit.

When I try running spiceinit locally, having downloaded both the base and Galileo ISIS datasets, I encounter the following error: “Spice file does not exist [$ISISDATA/galileo/kernels/spk/s000131a.bsp]”

I tried downloading the s000131a.bsp file from here: Index of /pub/naif/GLL/kernels/spk, but received the following error when I ran spiceinit afterward: “An unknown NAIF error has been encountered. The short explanation provided by NAIF is [SPICE(DAFBEGGTEND)]. The Naif error is [Beginning address (151385833) greater than ending address (151385832).]”

How do I fix this? If it is relevant information, I produced these errors using the image 5000r from the Galileo SSI, and I am using ISIS version 7.0.0 on Ubuntu.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @criggall , I am able to reproduce your error. There have been some recent changes to the ISIS data area that may be causing the problem. This will require a post on github so that the issue can be tracked and others can see there is a problem if they encounter something similar. Please go ahead and create a post at Issues · USGS-Astrogeology/ISIS3 · GitHub

Additional information for @Kelvinrr and/or @jessemapel: It appears the new data area is somehow incomplete for this mission/target because I can successfully get spiceinit to run when changing my data area to point to isis3_old/isis_data

@criggall , when this issue is addressed and you confirm spiceinit in default mode works for your images, you will ultimately want to run spiceinit setting cksmithed=true. The galileo Europa images have been geometrically controlled and smithed kernels exist for most images. The smithed kernels include improved camera pointing making for better co-registered features allowing for better DEM creation than using the original default spice.

Okay, thank you! I have created the post here: spiceinit error with Galileo data · Issue #5054 · USGS-Astrogeology/ISIS3 · GitHub

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