Can I change the map projection of LRO Mini-RF MAPCDR data?

I think the map projection effect of MAPCDR data is not good.
Because,when I open a MAPCDR image with ArcGIS,the positions of MAPCDR image and LROC WAC image are inconsistent.Although they are all use equirectangular map projection.

The left is MAPCDR image which overlay a LRO WAC image.
The right is a image which use ISIS map projection by myself.(CDR data)

I can use map projection for CDR data,but it is too much troble.

In addition,can I process LRO image data by ArcGIS?
If I can’t,what software do you use to process and view LRO image?
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First, we don’t support a camera model for ArcGIS, thus you cannot process (and map project) the EDRs or CDRs in ArcGIS.

The best method is to use ISIS (or NASA ASP). There is a very good tutorial for LROC NAC processing with tips.

Otherwise, we support a service (called Map Projection on the Web, POW) which essentially runs ISIS on the LROC EDRs (calibration, SPICE initialization, and map projection) using on our cluster. You simply download the completed files (e.g. GeoTIFF) for ArcGIS or other GIS. See the POW tutorial here. This service can only process 50-200 images for a single run, so it is not meant for massive processing tasks.