Hi there,

I am trying to use ISIS (version 7) to map project CRISM TRDR products. I can convert the CRISM .img images to ISIS .cub files via crism2isis, however I am then struggling to run spiceinit on them. My problems are two-fold:
I can run spiceinit on FRT images with web=yes. However if I attempt to run spiceinit on FRS or ATU images with web=yes, I receive the following error:

**ERROR** The Spice Server was unable to initialize the cube.  The error reported was: Unable to initialize camera model.

If I try running spiceinit using local files, downloaded using downloadIsisData mro $ISISDATA, regardless of image type (FRT/FRS/ATU) I receive this error:

Error                     = "The camera is requesting spice data
                               [INS-74018_FOCAL_LENGTH] that was not attached,
                               please re-run spiceinit"
**ERROR** Unable to initialize camera model.

Re-running spiceinit results in the same error.

Am I missing some data in the local files which would enable me to run this? And why does the web version fail?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Rob,
ISIS has only rudimentary support for CRISM products from the PDS and isn’t designed to support workflows that involve map projection of CRISM products. The preferred tools for geospatial processing of CRISM data are CAT (requires an ENVI license) or JCAT from the PDS Geosciences Node: PDS Geosciences Node Data and Services: MRO CRISM

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