DAWN VIR phocube user error: Input cube must have one band

I’m trying to extract localemission and localincidence information from some DAWN VIR image cubes by running the phocube command but I get this error thrown back at me:

USER ERROR Input cube [VIR_VIS_1B_1_380659295_3.cub] must have one band.

When I open the .cub file in qview I am able to plot the radiance spectrum, which I would assume means that the band information is within the image file. Is there some other phocube parameter I’m missing or maybe something I missed when I ran spiceinit? For completeness, this is what I’m trying to run:

(isis) codyschultz@codys-mbp-4 20120128_CYCLE8 % spiceinit from=VIR_VIS_1B_1_380659048_3.cub

Group = Kernels
NaifFrameCode = -203211
LeapSecond = $base/kernels/lsk/naif0012.tls
TargetAttitudeShape = ($base/kernels/pck/pck00009.tpc,
TargetPosition = ($dawn/kernels/tspk/de421.bsp,
InstrumentPointing = ($dawn/kernels/ck/dawn_sc_120123_120129.bc,
Instrument = $dawn/kernels/ik/dawn_vir_v05.ti
SpacecraftClock = $dawn/kernels/sclk/DAWN_203_SCLKSCET.00091.tsc
InstrumentPosition = $dawn/kernels/spk/dawn_rec_111211-120501_120620-_v1.bsp
InstrumentAddendum = $dawn/kernels/iak/dawnvirAddendum001.ti
ShapeModel = $base/dems/Vesta_Dawn_HAMO_DTM_DLR_Global_48ppd-.cub
InstrumentPositionQuality = Reconstructed
InstrumentPointingQuality = Reconstructed
CameraVersion = 1
Source = isis


(isis) codyschultz@codys-mbp-4 20120128_CYCLE8 % phocube from=VIR_VIS_1B_1_380659048_3.cub to=VIR_VIS_1B_1_380659048_3.pho.cub source=camera localemission=yes localincidence=yes

USER ERROR Input cube [VIR_VIS_1B_1_380659048_3.cub] must have one band.

I’m pretty new to this and still figuring out the functionality, so any suggestions are greatly welcomed and appreciated!

Hi Cody,
The DAWN VIR cubes contain multiple bands, which is why you’re able to plot a radiance spectrum from a single cube. The pixels in each band of a DAWN VIR product are naturally co-registered. It doesn’t make sense to generate a local incidence raster for each band in the original cube, because the result would be series of identical incidence angle rasters. This is why phocube will only take a single band of data as input.

You can specify a single (arbitrary) band using Input Cube Attribute notation:

phocube from=VIR_VIS_1B_1_380659048_3.cub+1 to=VIR_VIS_1B_1_380659048_3.pho.cub source=camera localemission=yes localincidence=yes

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