Downlaoding specific NAC images

I was downloading the LRO data and it shows you do not have enough memory. How much memory I will need to download the whole LRO data?

I need the NAC images for a small area. Do I need to download the whole LRO data? Any leads will be appreciated.

The whole NAC data set is VERY large. I would highly discourage downloading all of it unless you need it. You can use PILOT to search for just data in a specific region.

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I have tried PILOT, but it shows an error whenever I click and download the CSV file or the bash script for my study area.
However, I have downloaded all the LRO images through ISIS but don’t know how to extract the images for the selected study area.

PILOT was recently redeployed and still has some quirks with the download CSV. We were hoping for an updated version but ran into some other cloud deployment issues. We are probably a couple of months out to get a fix.

Unfortunately, the ASU LROC page also seems to have a search download issue (unrelated but odd to have a similar issue). See their search page here:

Now the LROC team does support many pre-processed LROC NAC mosaics for download and single LROC NAC images from their WMS server. You need to add the correct LROC NAC layer (see image) and you need to zoom in to see them (scale dependant layer). I also linked a set-up QGIS 3.2.x project (free application), with their layers properly defined.

QGIS project: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

To see how to set up these layers in QGIS from the LROC team see this thread (QGIS 3.x section) and use their WMS address

Thank you for providing the alternative.
Is this work on ArcMap?
Also, I am facing difficulty in extracting tiles though. Also, I cannot overlay my polygon on these base maps.