Downloading POW (Projection on the Web) results for Map Projection

I am having trouble accessing the data I requested from the POW platform. The zip files do not open and a month ago I was able to download with the link. Any idea how I can get it working?

Sorry you’re having trouble accessing your POW output. We’ve been experiencing issues with the local storage cluster that holds output from the POW and MAP2 services. The links to output as they appear on the Astrocloud website are not valid.

On Friday, as an emergency measure, we started pushing POW and MAP2 output to an Amazon S3 bucket and inserting the associated public URL in the notification email that users receive when their job is finished. For rather convoluted reasons, we’re unable to update the Astrocloud website with URLs to the data at Amazon. I can see from your screenshot that you had not yet received the notification at the time of your post, but our jobs database indicates that the notification for your job went out at 21:50 (presumably just a few minutes after you took the screenshot).

If you did not receive the job finished notification email or if there’s a problem with the link in that email, please send a message (including the job key) to

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