Findimageoverlaps on Rosetta images

I am attempting to use the findimageoverlaps on Rosetta images (converted to cubs using rososiris2isis and then spiceinit was applied to them. Spiceinit is required since rososiris2isis does not have a “mapping” option, so footprintinit won’t run on the cubs obtained directly.):

ISIS> footprintinit from=N20140916T023400350ID30F22.cub
ISIS> footprintinit from=N20140916T150900365ID30F22.cub
ISIS> echo *cub | xargs -n1 echo > cube.lis
ISIS> findimageoverlaps from=cube.lis overlaplist=overlap.lis

But get the following error:

USER ERROR FileName [N20140916T023400350ID30F22.cub] can not be added to serial number list.
USER ERROR Invalid serial number [Unknown] from file [N20140916T023400350ID30F22.cub].

Does anyone know a workaround to this issue?

Hi @abjin1994, please report this as an issue to the ISIS3 github site.

I have confirmed that after a successful run of spiceinit, the image does not have a valid serial number which is essential for inclusion in control networks. There is no work around for this from the user side as serial numbers are generated on the fly in ISIS. Information will have to be added to a translation file by a developer.

You can confirm an image has a serial number by running the program “getsn” on an it.

getsn from=N20140916T023400350ID30F22.cub
Group = Results
SerialNumber = Unknown

This is what successful output looks like for one of my Kaguya TC images:

getsn from=TC1S2B0_01_02953N657E0746.lev0.cub
Group = Results
SerialNumber = KAGUYA/TC1/2008-06-07T04:10:51.660783

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