FY22 Q4 Software Support: Product and Missions (07/05/2022)


This is an initial list of issues to be categorized and prioritized for a support sprint starting 07/05/2022. This is a 2 week sprint, and it is set to conclude on 07/15/22. The prioritization meeting will be held on 07/05/2022.

Prioritized tickets:

High Priority

ISIS: Junocam _ SPice Camera model in ISIS #4913 - take control net and image list, see if there’s some sort of consistent issues in dataset and ISIS: JunoCam SPICE-Image Mismatch in Qview #4768
ISIS: NAIF errors after initializing with ck/spk-writer kernels #4942
ISIS: Cnetcombinept log file logs everything, not just merged points #4973
USGSCSM: Relicense the entire library under CC-0 #401
GeoSTAC BBox Errors . This impacts the ARD project and the ability to select data by bounding box, a key piece of functionality.
AutoCnet Environment Solves. This impacts the CTX control project and running on Denali.
ISIS: CAM2MAP Only Map-Projects First Layer in a CUB for Some Cameras (at least MARCI) #4635 to be resolved by PR 4926
ISIS: Get Clean Jenkins Dev Tests #4666 to be closed by PR #4949
ISIS: Update or remove smithed Enceladus kernels: cksmithed=true produces undesirable results #4922 – remove smithed kernels
ISIS: Segfault when footprintinit with Phobos DSK #4943

Medium Priority

ISIS: isis2std bittype=s16bit exports a tiff with Type=UInt16 #4897
ISIS: PVL error while running mocproc #4916 – unclear if this is a bug or a data / configuration error. May need to iterate with the user.
ISIS: Caminfo does not report camera statistics in isis7.x.x #4919
https://github.com/USGS-Astrogeology/swigcsm/issues/17 : Add wrapper for getting the ellipsoid from a CSM model
ISIS: Some cubes have invalid History BLOBs #4337
ISIS: Mamba encountering problem while solving ISIS dependencies #4633 – Might be resolved, ticket is inactive. Need to verify status. To be worked with ISIS: isis7.0.0 unsatisfiable error in github action worker, both with mamba and conda #4975
ISIS: MARCICAL Might Not be Calibrating Properly #4619 – unclear if there is a bug or if this is behaving properly. Should be checked.
ISIS: hical not falling back to ZeroDark when ZeroDarkRate is enabled but matrix file is not available. #4931
ISIS: The ZeroDarkRate example configuration file for hical is not present in the data area #4927
ISIS: Installation Issue 6.0.0 libgsl #4877
ISIS: Apps converted to a callable no longer log in real time #4914 – likely not fixable during this support sprint, but should be explored + time boxed
ISIS: Calling spiceinit twice in a row fails #4933

Low Priority

ISIS: Missing LRO kernel data #4930
ISIS: Qmos - Latitude Constructor Error #4754
ISIS: caminfo - no warning/failure for images with missing original label #4817
ISIS: cnetthinner seg faults #4883
AutoCnet PPIO Consolidation
https://github.com/USGS-Astrogeology/ale/issues/465 : Add a changelog to ALE
https://github.com/USGS-Astrogeology/ale/issues/330 : Rename some test classes in ALE
ISIS: MAP2MAP with Tracking Layer Doesn’t Work Properly #4810
ISIS: cam2map error with Mini RF monostatic cubes and user defined shapemodel #4717
ISIS junocam2isis multi-band full CCD cube #4748
ISIS: Set Reference Measure in CNETREF Based on Image ID #4025 – has been inactive but kept alive for ~1.5 years. Need to make a decision.
ISIS: Ability for CAMPT to Return Limited List of Parameters #4092 – Marked inactive multiple times, but never resolved. Applications to both ISIS and CSM.
ISIS: Applications using type file when they should use cube #4780
ISIS: mvic camera model clarification #4971
ISIS: Spice::readValue returns garbage when reading off the end of an array valued keyword #4928


ISIS: Findfeatures - “Can’t invert empty matrix” Errors #4639 to be resolved by PR #4772
ISIS: Findfeatures fails for LROC NAC images #4396
ISIS: ISIS application GUIs will not display after build on MacOSX 10.15 Catalina #4773 – deferred until we get access to 10.15

Missions Tickets

Products Tickets

Uncategorized Tickets

ISIS: demprep segfaults #4966

Non-Isis Tickets

Please add https://github.com/USGS-Astrogeology/ISIS3/issues/4973

High priority for my products IAA projects are:

  • ISIS: NAIF errors after initializing with ck/spk-writer kernels #4942 - Titan project

  • Cnetcombinept log file logs everything, not just merged points #4973 - Kaguya Global project

  • ISIS: Findfeatures - “Can’t invert empty matrix” Errors #4639 to be resolved by PR #4772 - Phobos project

Also interested in the following since it came out of the Phobos project work:

  • ISIS: Segfault when footprintinit with Phobos DSK #4943

It would be nice to be able to include the following since there is a new LROC NAC project next FY that would greatly benefit from this working.

  • Findfeatures fails for LROC NAC images #4396
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I’d like to add

High Priority for me:

Lower priority for me:

A few small issues for non-ISIS repos