ISIS 7.2.0 is Now Available

How to install or update to 7.2.0

Installation instructions of ISIS can be found in the README on our github page .

If you already have a version of ISIS 4.0.0 or later installed in an anaconda environment, you can update to 7.2.0 by activating your existing isis conda environment and running conda update isis . If your currently installed version is older than 7.0.0, we recommend creating a new environment so that you get a more recent version of Python.

How to get access to 7.2.0 at the ASC

The new process proposed in the internal RFC is now in full effect. Please review the process of using anaconda environments to activate isis here.

Once a version of conda is active, run the command: conda activate isis7.2.0 to use this newest version of ISIS.

Changes for 7.2.0


  • Updated Hayabusa2 mission name and updated translation files to make L2DShapeModelFileName, L2DPhaseFunctionFileName, L2CShapeModelFileName, and BandRegistration optional keywords.


  • Added LatLonGrid Tool to Qview to view latitude and longitude lines if camera model information is present.



  • Fixed some wrong parameter types #4780
  • Added mapping group to track cube via processmosaic #4810
  • Fixed bugs in downloadIsisData script #5024
  • Fixed shadow shifting image by 2 pixels to the upper left corner. #5035
  • Fixed compiler warnings on ubuntu #4911
  • Fixes embree shape models not being from .BDS extension files 5064
  • Fixed failing shapemodel parameters when bullet was the preferred ray tracing engine but could not be created. #5062
  • Fixed version for Qt to prevent depreciations. #5070


The following operating systems are supported for this release:

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • macOS Mohave 11.6

(Other Linux/macOS variants may be able to run this release, but are not officially supported.)

If you find a problem with this release, please create an issue on our github issues page

Hi @AustinSanders - did the fix associated with #4942 make it into this version?