PDS to isis cube format


the dataset i want to convert has PDS label in ASCII text files written in the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and labels are detached from the digital files. If one can suggest me how to convert such files.


To better understand the input format can you point us to an example? Converting an ASCII file (or table) to an image can be tricky often requiring interpolation during the conversion – if the input is irregularly spaced. If the input is regularly spaced, then it can be easier, but still requires some planning. Generally, a straight conversion cannot be automated using the various tools that can support the input format. Thus to see an example input file might be able to help us provide a better answer.

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Hey @thareUSGS the dataset is in PDS4 format. I asked a question about “doing ortho rectification of DFSAR data” some days back, this conversion question is related to that dataset only. You explained it pretty well in the previous question about the ARD data. I will try to acquire that for my further processing. Because I was hoping to do this (PDS4 to cube) conversion for map projection of DFSAR as now it’s not possible through this tool, so i will look other alternatives.

Thankyou you sorted a big part of my problem!

Okay, so you want to convert a PDS4 image to ISIS cube for further processing. I know you might already have the answer for DFSAR but I will continue for others.

Currently, ISIS only has the ability to import PDS4 labels from a couple of instruments (e.g. Cassis TGO) and it is only now getting better support for exporting PDS4 images for PDS4 archives. Like most PDS4 conversions, ISIS will also require a fairly robust template PDS4 label created prior to exporting. Soon there will be the option to ingest PDS4 labels generically, but it will probably require an ingest template for specific keyword mapping into an ISIS cube. The only way I know now to “generically” import a PDS4 image into a “generic” ISIS cube is using gdal_translate. e.g.,

gdal_translate -of ISIS3 input_PDS4.xml output_isis.cub

And unfortunately, the generic ingestion of any image into ISIS will really only be meet about 10% of the needs to be able to process anything. First, the import will need to carefully map the PDS4 instrument-specific attributes (metadata) into an ISIS cube. ISIS will also need any SPICE kernels (spacecraft and instrument pointing) made available for that image. And really the key, ISIS must also support a camera model for that particular instrument. ISIS currently does not support approximate (non-rigorous) camera models (like Rational Polynomial Coefficients [RPCs]) nor do I assume the image of interest has RPCs defined. Next for orthorectification, a topography digital elevation model or 3D DSK is required and made compatible with ISIS routines.

While there is a lot to tackle to support any one instrument in ISIS, it is not impossible. Generally, the local team here does most of the heavy lifting (coding-wise), but we have in the past and are happy to review and potentially incorporate outside code contributions (more).