Phoemplocal for Hapke 2012 parameters


I was wondering if it is possible to use the phoemplocal function to calculate a Lunar-Lambert fit for Hapke 2012 parameters (currently, it seems to be geared towards using Hapke 1981)?

Thank you so much for your time!

I’m not familiar with that program. You may want to reach out to Randy Kirk who wrote the original ISIS2 program at

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I suggested that Abhinav contact ISIS support about this. phoemplocal and phoempglobal are helper applications to fit simple photometric models (lunar-Lambert, Minnaert) to the Hapke model. They use the same photometric function code as photomet.
Abhinav’s question is really about whether the newer version (2012) of Hapke’s equations could be added to photomet and the other, more specialized programs along side the existing (1981) version. This is needed because parameter values for this model are being published and they can’t be used in the current ISIS software. (There are also several other models in common use that could be added and would benefit ISIS users.)
This is a policy and workforce decision whether code for new models could be added, but I would be happy to help sort out the technical details of the models if tdevelopers were available to do the work.
Randy Kirk


Okay, I’ll get this written up as an enhancement request on GitHub.

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