POW The specified URL cannot be found


I am having problems getting calibrated data via function POW. After filling in all the necessary parameters on the astrocloud website, I get this message: “The specified URL cannot be found”. I have tried it many times using different browsers, but always with the same result. Do you have any ideas where the problem could be? Thanks for any help.

The blue banner indicates that this is an issue occurring “upstream” of the application. We’ve received a similar report from at least one other user, but we’re unable to reproduce the error and other users have been able to submit jobs normally. We’d like to gather more information from users that are experiencing this issue so that we can open a ticket with a higher-level IT office.

Please send an email to astroweb@usgs.gov with information including which browser/OS you have tried and which country you are trying to access the POW service from, and we will follow up with you.