Qtie SSI and NIMS Galileo error

I have been trying to bundle adjust projected NIMS Galileo data with unprojected SSI data using qtie. As it is written here Map Galileo NIMS cube and mosaic it with Galileo SSI cube - ISIS - USGS Astrogeology, the misalignments of the data are pretty common. When both cubes are projected in the same coordinate system, it looks like this (these are the images of crater Kittu on Ganymede)

In qtie you can see that the crater is in fact located more in the east.

I would like to coanalyze the NIMS and SSI data so I need them to perfectly fit.
But when clicking on the solve button in qtie I get this error
Screenshot from 2023-02-18 19-55-30

Do you have any idea where the problem could be? I downloaded both the base and galileo data and I am using ISIS 7.1.0 on Ubuntu 18. Thanks for any help, I am really new to this.