Spiceinit on Rosetta OSIRIS NAC images

I am trying to use spiceinit on Rosetta OSIRIS NAC images using the “Use the ISIS SPICE Web Service” for the SPICE Data. this works perfectly for images from early in the mission (~Sept 2014), but seems to fail for images from later (~June 2016). I get the following error:
ERROR The Spice Server was unable to initialize the cube. The error reported was: No Camera Kernel found for the image [/tmp/spice_web_service/q_mQsBXwx3].”

If I enable CKPREDICTED & SPKPREDICTED, it does seem to find kernels to attach, however, these seem inaccurate. The lat/lon values generated are completely off, while they match perfectly for different images from 2014 (such that I can use cam2map and see perfect alignment).

Is there a way to update the ISIS SPICE Web Service to have the latest kernels? Alternatively is it possible to add more than one kernel per category using override of system kernels?

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated!

The original .IMGs files (for both images from 2014 and 2016) were downloaded from the Rosetta PSA and converted to cubs using rososiris2isis.

Hi @abjin1994, you should post this problem as a github issue. Recently there were some changes made to the data area and this mission might have been affected. Developers might not be looking at the discussion board as frequently as the github area here.