Spiceinit overriding/pointing to kernels where there are several of the same type?

I am trying to use spiceinit with the option of pointing to my own kernels. When I run spiceinit without specifying the kernels the result is:

NaifFrameCode             	= -203121
  LeapSecond                	= $base/kernels/lsk/naif0012.tls
  TargetAttitudeShape       = ($base/kernels/pck/pck00009.tpc, 

  TargetPosition            	= ($dawn/kernels/tspk/de421.bsp, $dawn/kernels/tspk/sb_vesta_110211.bsp)

  InstrumentPointing        	= ($dawn/kernels/ck/dawn_sc_120312_120318.bc, 

  Instrument                	= $dawn/kernels/ik/dawn_fc_v10.ti
  SpacecraftClock           	= $dawn/kernels/sclk/DAWN_203_SCLKSCET.00091.tsc
  InstrumentPosition        	= $dawn/kernels/spk/daw n_rec_111211-120501_120620-_v1.bsp
  InstrumentAddendum    = $dawn/kernels/iak/dawnfcAddendum002.ti
  ShapeModel                	= $base/dems/Vesta_Dawn_HAMO_DTM_DLR_Global_48ppd.cub
  InstrumentPositionQuality = Reconstructed
  InstrumentPointingQuality = Reconstructed
  CameraVersion             	= 2
  Source                    	= isis

Here there are more than one kernel loaded for the TargetAttitudeShape PCK (in this case three). If I override using ‘spiceinit from=file.cub PCK=ownkernel.tpc’ then it correctly find my kernel but doesn’t find the other ones. I would like to specify all three kernels. I know the EXTRA option exist but it seems I am only allowed to add one extra kernel?

Is it possible (and if yes how?) to point to multiple kernels of the same species? like
‘spiceinit from=file.cub PCK=ownkernel3.tpc PCK=ownkernel2.tpc PCK=ownkernel3.tpc’

I hope the question makes sense and thank you in advance.

You should be able to use the array argument notation to specify multiple PCKs

spiceinit from=file.cub PCK='(ownkernel1.tpc,ownkernel2.tpc,ownkerne3.tpc)'

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Thank you!! Saved the day.