X11Forwarding and ISIS

Hi all,

I’m have ISIS3 installed via anaconda on a mac that I would like to access remotely via ssh.

X11Forwarding appears to be working correctly, commands like xterm and eyes work fine and pop up on my local computer. When I launch an isis command (e.g., qview), however the GUI pops up on the computer running isis and not on my local computer from which I’m ssh’ing. Any suggestions on what I might need to change in my configuration to make isis GUIs work with X11Forwarding?

Jason Soderblom

I suspect you need to specify the proper $DISPLAY env variable since it sounds like you have a remove machine that is also running an X session.

Something like this example.

That was certainly an issue at first, but I “think” that is better now — at least basic x window programs, such as xeyes, forward the display properly.

I’m also confident that it is an issue with the “server” computer and I’m able to remotely interact with ISIS GUIs by SSH’ing into other computers running ISIS.